Battery Products

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Battery Products

The grass needs cut, bushes need trimmed, weeds need to be whacked down, sidewalk needs edged, etc. You worked all week, you’re not looking forward to wasting your day off by doing yard work but it needs to get done, except you don’t have gas. Now you have to go get gas, and oil, and then mix it. Now that you’re finally ready to get to work, the engine doesn’t start on any of your equipment. If you are ready to ditch the gas and go battery, we have a variety of different battery powered tools to take care of your landscape needs. Battery powered tools are on the rise and they are not going away. With plenty of options to choose from, there is almost a direct battery replacement tool comparable to a gas engine model. Make life simple, insert the charged battery, hit a button and get to work.



We are open to the public and our customers include landscaping professionals, homeowners, municipalities, churches, schools, and small businesses.

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