Blowers & Shredder Vacs

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Blowers & Shredder Vacs

After doing any yard work you know what comes next, cleanup. Whether its grass clippings, yard debris, or leaves we offer a variety of blowers and shredder vacs that make cleanup a breeze. If you are looking for a gas or battery powered blower, handheld or backpack our sales reps will help you choose which product is right for you. When comparing blowers just remember, bigger is always better. The bigger, the more power, the less time you’ll take to cleanup so you can get back to doing everything else you need to do.The shredder vacs serve two purposes, blowing or sucking. You can convert the unit into a standard handheld blower or you can also convert it into a shredder. The shredder will use different attachment tubes (all parts included) to turn the unit into a vacuum style shredder. The shredder setup is ideal for hard to reach spots, corners, or beds. Instead of blowing mulch everywhere you can simple suck up the debris, which would be shredded by the metal blade in the fan housing and dispersed into the zippered carry bag. (Also included)



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