Scag Stand On Mowers

Scag Stand On Mowers

Scag Stand-On Mowers consist of the various Scag V-Ride II models. These mowers offer the same durability and cut quality as zero turn riders, with the added perk of a smaller footprint and incredible maneuverability for getting around obstacles. The Scag V-Ride II features a comfortable operator platform with top-notch suspension that provides comfort and minimizes fatigue for the operator. The standing position allows the user to have a birds eye view of terrain for better navigation around obstacles like trees, buildings, and landscaping beds. The Scag V-Ride II Stand-On Rider allows you to get on and off quicker, and its smaller footprint also allows you to get through gates quicker and easier. It is also easier to fit more of these units onto trailers if space is tight. With the Scag V-Ride II's performance, stability, durability, and speed of up to 10.5mph, this stand-on mower will definitely keep you productive day after day, cut after cut, year after year.



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