STIHL Battery Powered Products

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STIHL Battery Powered Products

STIHL Battery Powered Products have the quality and reliability you can count on, they will not fail to impress. There are 3 different levels to the STIHL battery powered tools, the AI Series, AK Series, and the AP Series with a variety of tools to choose from in each.

The AI Series has an integrated battery that plugs directly into the wall. Best for small houses or condominiums. The AK Series has a removable battery and charger. Giving the user the option to have multiple batteries for longer use without stopping and waiting for a charge.

The AK Series is best suited for suburban yards where the homeowner uses his/hers yard equipment frequently.The AP Series also has a removable battery and charger but geared more toward professional users.

The AP Series battery equipment is going to have the longest run times of the three series along with the best performance, needed for the extensive use of these products.



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